For Baby, taste and quality

Pour Bébé, goût et qualité

Happylal Baby, at the service of the quality of Baby meals: our Quality charter

  • our recipes are composed LIKE AT HOME
    • at least 90% organic ingredients ( we detail that here ),
    • at least 80% vegetables per serving,
    • meat must be of French origin (certified by AVS),
    • small onions,
    • oil,
    • an aromatic herb or spice,
    • and without milk or cream.

What else? Nothing else !

  • our MANUFACTURING is necessarily FRENCH

Cocorico, for food, we are the champions!

  • we have NO HIDDEN POTATO in our recipes!
If there is potato, we clearly announce it to you!
  • we do NOT add STARCH with water for bulk!

The cooking water in our recipes is only used to optimize the textures.

  • our recipes are WITHOUT ugly and disgusting stuff

Without preservatives or coloring (that's the regulation that imposes it), but at Happylal baby, it's also without thickeners, without salt, without added aromas.

  • our meals are packaged in a secure bag to better preserve the QUALITIES of our baby meals
    ( see the FAQ section... )

Compared to a glass jar, our sachet better preserves the NUTRITIONAL QUALITIES of Baby's meal, its vitamins, its colors by reducing the time of exposure to the heat of sterilization.

Indeed, the wall of the packaging is thinner and the product is more spread out, so the heat penetrates more quickly to the heart of the product.

A symbol to choose

This symbol on Happylal Baby meals guarantees that the product you have chosen has been the subject of great attention to respect the nutritional needs and fragility of your child from 0 to 3 years old.

Intended for feeding toddlers
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