For parents, time regained and an easier daily life

Pour les parents, du temps retrouvé et un quotidien facilité

Are you parents?! At Happylal Baby, so do we!

  • "FINALLY" !!

Yes, finally, it is possible to use ready-made halal-certified meals (by AVS) to feed Baby well, and to simplify, lighten and facilitate parents' daily life with days which, we don't know how, can sometimes last more than 24 hours...

  • AVS, TRUSTED PARTNER, to certify our products

Calling on AVS from upstream to downstream of our entire manufacturing process allows us to guarantee our customers that our small dishes strictly respect the principles and rules of consumption prescribed in Islam.

  • LABELING designed to allow immediate identification of meal contents

Our ingredients are listed very very large on the packaging, both in writing and in the form of captioned pictograms (we all have our reading grid) and for the 2 main ingredients (vegetables and meat), we let us indicate the content in percentages of course, but also in grams.

And that is completely new!

  • packaging for a PRACTICAL EVERYDAY
    • light (empty, it's 5 grams against 125 grams for an equivalent glass jar) and we, when we carry the shopping bags, we make the difference!
    • unbreakable (we appreciate this quality which preserves the integrity of our handbags, backpacks or other suitcases…),
    • super easy to take with you on all the trips,
    • and super easy to reheat in a bain-marie or in the microwave.
  • packaging for a SECURE EVERYDAY

We have also obviously thought about the SAFETY of our packaging because our bags, specially designed for food contact, are of course without bisphenol A (this is imposed by the regulations), but at Happylal Baby, our packaging is also phthalate-free.

Happylal Baby, when we are parents,
it's TIME RECOVERED, with the GUARANTEE of a quality meal
for Baby and a trusted certification.

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