At the origin of Happylal Baby...

A l'origine de Happylal Baby...

Happylal Baby is the story of a mother named Julie...

Julie is a mum who cooks a lot for her Doudou d'amour but who still appreciates having a little ready-made dish on hand for all those times when she is working, she is on a walk with Mademoiselle or does not want to cook (and she tells herself that she has the right to do so!)…

A ready meal is practical, super balanced and ultra secure.

On the other hand, question of taste, we are not there at all!

And Julie begins to dream of small dishes that would always be “practical, hyper balanced, ultra safe” but which would also tickle the taste buds of her Doucette to accompany her in awakening to Taste.

For Julie, the dream becomes a project: FEELING THE BABIES!

And then, pan, boom, bim, when friends tell him that they have to cook all their little darling's meals with meat because they can't find ready-made halal-certified dishes.

At that moment, Julie decides to do things differently: small gourmet dishes for babies, YES! but in addition, halal certified.

In this way, Muslim families will also be able, like all other families, to have meals already prepared for their baby.

And that's how Happylal Baby was born, in 2015, in the service of Baby and his parents, obtaining in passing from 2016 the recognition of:

  • food and business creation professionals ( see Our medals ;-) )
  • A mother who listens to parents

    As you will have understood, Julie shares a universal priority with all parents: that of feeding her baby well while simplifying the overloaded daily life of the family.

    For Happylal Baby, Julie designs her recipes as if they were intended for her little darling, with absolute standards:

    To develop her small dishes, Julie has called on infant nutrition experts and partners who are involved in each stage of the development of her products, in the service of taste, quality, safety and traceability.

    For Julie, the best way to better meet the needs of babies is to listen to their parents.

    So Julie listens, listens, listens and thinks about how to make Happylal Baby evolve to take into account all these opinions.

    Thus :

    • the texture of the small dishes in the 12-month range has been optimized: now there are more small melting pieces to accompany the beginnings of babies chewing (except for the recipe with peas which is grinded a little coarse because with the skin of peas, you have to be careful...)

    • the cream has been removed from all recipes to take into account babies allergic to cow's milk proteins (Julie loves fresh cream but it's not good for everyone...).

    Do you also want to give your opinion? Go ahead, contact Happylal Baby!

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