Our halal certification

Notre certification halal

AVS, the guarantee of halal certification

The halal certification of our products is the very foundation of Happylal Baby's existence.

Therefore, beyond our requirement in terms of quality, it is also our responsibility to offer our customers products that strictly comply with the principles and rules of consumption prescribed in Islam.

We have therefore chosen to:

  • submit our entire manufacturing process to AVS control, from upstream (supply) to downstream (packaging).
  • commit ourselves to respecting rigorous and binding specifications.
Very concretely, and by way of example:
  • our meat of French origin comes from slaughterhouses which carry out their activity under the control of AVS,
  • the composition of our recipes is validated by AVS,
  • the manufacture of our products takes place, at each stage, under the control of AVS representatives,
  • our packaging is stored under AVS seals…

Entrusting the certification of our products to AVS allows us to provide our consumers with the guarantee that our small baby meals strictly comply with Islamic principles and rules.

To learn more about AVS: www.avs.fr

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